Capital markets

We provide services to capital markets participants – issuers, investors and investment funds. We participate in and advise on all types of transactions, including, but not limited to, capital raising transactions and buyouts, mergers, and we advise on the issuance and trading of financial instruments and the issuance and trading of short-term debt securities.

We make every effort to ensure that capital market transactions and operations proceed smoothly and in accordance with client expectations. We offer the following services in this respect:

  • we advise on the marketing of financial instruments;
  • drafting prospectuses and information memoranda;
  • we advise on the public offering of securities, including their initial public offering (IPO);
  • we comprehensively handle corporate bond issues by companies;
  • we advise on transactions of acquisition of significant blocks of shares of public companies, handling calls for sale or exchange of shares of public companies;
  • we draft terms and conditions for securities trading on regulated and non-regulated markets;
  • we advise on the issue and trading of financial instruments and on the issue and trading of short-term debt securities;
  • we withdraw securities from trading on the regulated market;
  • we supervise the acquisition of significant shareholdings and the performance of related disclosure obligations;
  • we represent companies in proceedings conducted by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, as well as in relations with the WSE and the NDS;
  • we advise companies on communication with the market, fulfilment of information obligations and clarification of legal issues with regulatory institutions;
  • we develop rules for the protection of confidential information and professional secrecy;
  • we represent clients before authorities and courts in matters related to securities and the capital market, including criminal proceedings;
  • we prepare the principles of the Good Practices of Companies Listed on the WSE.

We also conduct legal audits of societies and funds and represent these entities in pre-trial, court and administrative proceedings.

Responsible persons

Slawomir Staszak

Managing Partner, attorney-at-law

+48 602 580 410

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Slawomir Staszak

Karina Sledz

lawyer (trainee attorney-at-law)

+48 786 806 954

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Karina Sledz
Our team consists of attorneys-at-law with over 10 years of experience. We combine practical knowledge and excellent knowledge of regulations.