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Family law regulates the property and non-property aspects of the family. It is a part of civil law, but unlike property law or contract law, it touches on a very delicate matter of everyone’s life: the upbringing of children, marriage and its end, the determination of property issues between spouses. A lawyer undertaking cases in this area is required to have the life experience to correctly assess the cases entrusted to him or her and to anticipate what the court will be guided by if the case comes before it.

Succession law, on the other hand, regulates the rights and obligations of a deceased individual. The assistance of a lawyer is most often needed when the heirs do not know how to agree on an inheritance and so disputes arise, but a person who prepares a will and wants to protect his or her loved ones may come for a consultation on the disposition of assets on death. By doing so, he or she can prevent future disputes and resentments among family members.

Family and guardianship law – Gdańsk Elbląg

Our law firm will undertake all matters arising from family and guardianship law, in particular including:

  • divorce, separation;
  • division of property after divorce;
  • annulment of marriage;
  • a declaration of non-existence of marriage;
  • contact with the child;
  • alimony for children, former spouses, parents, grandparents;
  • eviction of the spouse from the occupied flat;
  • determining in the temporary use of the common dwelling;
  • determining the whereabouts of the child parental authority and deciding on important matters concerning the child, e.g. relating to permission to travel abroad;
  • establishment and denial of maternity;
  • establishment of denial of paternity;
  • adoption (adoption);
  • incapacitation;
  • accounts of people in informal relationships (cohabitation);
  • compulsory treatment (e.g. alcohol, psychiatric), placement in a social welfare dock

Succession matters – Lawyer Gdańsk Elblag

The most important cases in this area handled by our lawyers include:

  • a declaration of inheritance under the law or the will;
  • declare the will invalid;
  • acceptance or rejection of the succession;
  • waiving the legal effects of a declaration of acceptance or rejection of the succession;
  • division of the estate; reserved shares; unworthiness to inherit;
  • execution of a record or command;
  • securing the inheritance;
  • liability for debts under the succession.
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