Cooperation between the Law Firm and the Client can be based on a permanent legal service agreement or agreement on acting on behalf of an Client in particular proceeding. In determining the remuneration we take into account the requirements of the Client and the subject of legal services provided, taking also into account the scope of its complexity and effort required.


Our Law Firm offers the following forms of remuneration:


• lump-sum remuneration system – based on a fixed monthly rate for the performance of specific services according to the agreement;

• fixed amount of remuneration system- based on the individualy established (with the Client) amount of remuneration for particular service;

• hourly remuneration system – the amount of remuneration due to Our Law Firm is based on the number services hours and the established hourly rate;

• a lump sum – hourly remuneration system – based on a fixed amount of the monthly remuneration within the fixed limit of hoursand in the case it is exceeded, with the settlement of the agreed hourly rate


We also use a sucess fee institution, as an additional element of remuneration. Abovementioned examples of remuneration systems do not preclude an individual establishing of remuneration as proposed by the Client. For more detailed information please contact our Law Firm.

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