We take full responsibility for your legal security in life and business

Sławomir Staszak

Managing Partner, attorney-at-law

Sławomir Staszak
Not just the law - a holistic approach and understanding of your business needs

Krzysztof Kardasz

Managing Partner, attorney-at-law

Krzysztof Kardasz radca prawny
We don't look for obstacles to your goals - we present solutions

Łukasz Roszko

Partner, attorney-at-law

Łukasz Roszko
Law firm
We offer services to individual clients and entrepreneurs from all over Poland. We advise, give opinions on contracts, support in negotiations, prepare all letters and documents. We operate in over a dozen areas of law. Our offices are located in Gdańsk and Elbląg, but we will undertake to represent clients in courts throughout the country.
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We combine legal knowledge with years of experience in the courtroom and in the quiet of our offices. The client and their concerns come first for us.
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Zespół Kancelarii Kardasz Staszak Elbląg Gdańsk
A team of specialists in many areas of law to help you find a solution to any legal problem.
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