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Virtually every entrepreneurial activity has tax implications. It is impossible to run a business without taking tax issues into account already at the stage of planning operations, and in a country where the tax system is so complex and subject to constant amendments, it will be difficult for an entrepreneur to control the compliance of his or her activities in this area on their own. The support of a lawyer specialising in the area of taxation will allow to optimise the actions taken and, in the event of suspicion of irregularities by the tax authority, professional representation in the proceedings.

We provide services for sole traders and companies (limited liability, partnerships, civil partnerships). We serve clients from various sectors. Tax law also has an impact on the situation of individuals who do not run a business and we also address our offer to them.

We offer all those interested ongoing advice, preparation of a tax strategy, advice on investments and transactions (this in relation to entrepreneurs) and representation in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts.

Tax attorney – our offer

  • Tax planning – we advise entrepreneurs at the planning stage of their activities so as to select the most favourable form of taxation in view of the planned scope and scale of activities and the entrepreneur’s objectives.
  • Ongoing tax advice – we provide oral and written tax advice on issues arising in the conduct of business activities, the disposal of real estate, shares and other individual transactions.
  • Preparation of legal and tax opinions – the opinions prepared may, depending on the client’s wishes, concern the tax consequences of a single transaction or be part of a comprehensive tax advisory service.
  • Tax audit of existing structures, which includes:
    • audit of the tax implications of the basic transaction models used by clients – analysis of all tax structures already adopted at the planning stage in terms of their cost-effectiveness in view of the client’s individual situation and needs
    • review of existing processes and procedures – review the processes with the highest risk of irregularity and make recommendations to strengthen control processes and minimise losses
    • ensuring compliance with applicable regulations – risk assessment of compliance with legislation and possible internal regulations
    • analysis of financial and accounting records – leads to the discovery of errors or irregularities in the records which may result in a penalty by the tax authority
  • Preparation of requests for individual interpretations by the Director of National Fiscal Information – obtaining an individual interpretation of tax law allows entrepreneurs to reduce the risk that their actions will be challenged by tax authorities at a later stage. An application for an individual tax interpretation can be made as early as at the tax planning stage, in order to resolve any doubtful issues.
  • Tax analysis of draft contracts – an analysis that takes into account not only the civil but also the legal consequences of concluding a contract of a certain content reduces the risk of the transaction being challenged during a tax or customs audit.
  • Tax optimisation – tax optimisation enables solutions to be implemented that contribute to a reduction in tax liabilities and minimise the risk of unfavourable decisions at the stage of tax and customs inspections.
  • Transfer pricing consultancy – transfer pricing is a topic that needs to be taken into account at the planning stage of every related party transaction. Our offer includes the preparation of documentation for related-party transactions, support in the preparation of the necessary documentation and the negotiation of so-called advance pricing agreements, the development of system solutions and procedures for transfer pricing in the company.
  • Developing concepts and assisting in the formation of tax capital groups (PGKs) – the possibility of establishing tax capital groups has existed for a long time, but it is only after certain provisions of the Polish Governance come into force that this structure may prove particularly attractive to certain capital groups. The biggest benefit of a PGK is the possibility of reducing CIT liabilities, as the income of a PGK is calculated as the sum of the income and losses of the parent company and its subsidiaries.
  • VAT advice – correct VAT accounting is one of the factors on which the proper running of a business depends.
  • Transactional consultancy – we provide proposals for the most advantageous execution of transactions, including those related to the acquisition or takeover of entities and companies, as well as the demerger, merger and transformation of companies.
  • Representation in tax proceedings – we support our clients at all stages of tax audits and proceedings. Activities depend on the type and stage of the proceedings in progress.
    • preparation of letters and explanations in the course of audits and tax proceedings
    • appeals against decisions
    • drawing up complaints before Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court and representing taxpayers in administrative court proceedings
  • For individuals – we advise individuals on their personal and family assets. Our advice covers issues relating to income taxes, inheritance taxes, gift taxes and wealth taxes. We also advise individuals with tax residency in another country.

Placing tax matters – from tax planning through to ongoing settlements – in the hands of specialists relieves you of the need to constantly keep track of tax changes, which are complex and very frequently amended. The tax authorities are very active and control the transactions of entrepreneurs and the accompanying documentation, so entrepreneurs cannot afford any mistakes in this area.

We provide all of the services identified above on a one-off basis or on an ongoing basis.

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