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Intellectual property includes copyright and industrial property. Intellectual property law protects intangible assets, primarily works, patents, trademarks and industrial designs. A recognisable brand, a graphic mark, an advertising slogan may determine the popularity of specific goods and services, and may even be crucial to the market and economic success of a company.

Intellectual property law

We work with companies to protect their products from impersonation, counterfeiting and illegal marketing.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • exploitation and copyright protection;
  • combating the circulation of counterfeit goods;
  • product customs protection;
  • combating unfair competition in relation to product impersonation;
  • licence negotiations and disputes;
  • representation in disputes concerning business secrets and know-how;
  • combating unfair advertising.

Copyright Lawyer

Copyright law is part of the broad field of intellectual property law. It is a very fast-growing branch of law, and the rapid development of the internet (including the Internet of Things) and technology in general means that intellectual property is becoming of paramount importance, and negligence on this subject can result in multi-million dollar losses for companies and damage to image.

At the centre of copyright law is the work, which must be fixed in some way (on paper, digitally, in spatial form – these are just examples of items in the catalogue of works. Protection extends to industrial design, artistic creations, photographs, musical, audiovisual, scenic and verbal works. The protection also applies to works of anonymous authors, but in such a situation, the author is replaced by another entity, e.g. an institution engaged in the collective management of copyrights (in Poland, this may be ZAiKS).

We offer legal advice on copyright law and, in the event of infringement, we represent the client in court.

Clients are offered the following services:

  • creating and reviewing contracts related to the transfer of copyrights and licensing agreements;
  • representation in proceedings concerning infringement of author’s economic and moral rights;
  • image protection;
  • advice on copyright protection and on safeguarding the interests of the creator;
  • enforcement of copyright claims;
  • risk assessment regarding the infringement of someone’s copyright;
  • combating unfair competition.
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