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The K&S compensation office specialises in conducting cases for the compensation of property damage as well as personal injury. It provides legal representation before common courts of all instances including the Supreme Court in compensation cases and allows clients to enforce the appropriate amount of compensation for damage. The K&S Law Firm represents clients in matters relating to obtaining compensation for, inter alia, motor vehicle damage and medical errors.

K&S Insurance claim law firm vs. representation before the insurer

Claims for compensation for damages are usually addressed to the insurer of the perpetrator of the damage, as they make it possible to obtain an appropriate amount under the insurance contract. Within the scope of the services provided, the law firm helps to enforce an appropriate amount of money from the insurer in order to fully cover the damage caused – not only the damage to property, but also the personal injury – thus primarily including the costs of treatment, rehabilitation, as well as the damage incurred as a result of the inability to continue working. Examples of claims in the enforcement of which the Law Firm in Gdańsk or Elbląg assists.

Compensation for non-performance of a contract

Damages may also be claimed for non-performance or improper performance of a contract. In such a case, a lawyer on behalf of a client seeks payment of a contractual penalty for non-performance or undue performance of a service as provided for by civil law, as well as redress of the resulting damage, i.e. primarily lost profits as a result of the other party’s failure to perform a given obligation.

Compensation for medical errors

Compensation in Gdańsk, Elbląg and other cities for medical errors may be claimed by a person injured as a result of a negligent or wrongful act of a doctor, whose state of health was worsened by such negligence. Liability for errors is not eliminated in this case by negligence or medical malpractice. Compensation is also available to a person who has given invalid consent for a procedure as a result of being inadequately informed by a doctor.

Damages from the employer

An employment relationship is established between the employee and the employer. Such a contract carries obligations for both parties. Few employees know that they have the right to demand that the employer perform the terms of the contract and also claim possible compensation from the employer for non-compliance with the applicable regulations. An employee whose employer has shortened the notice period of his or her employment contract and whose employer has wrongfully dismissed him or her is entitled to such compensation.

Compensation from the State Treasury

Any citizen who has suffered damage as a result of an unlawful court decision has the possibility to claim compensation from the State Treasury. Such compensation may be obtained by persons who, despite their innocence, have been punished with imprisonment. This type of compensation in Gdańsk or Elbląg is claimed by the K&S Insurance claim law firm.

Compensation after a car accident (third party liability compensation)

Every vehicle admitted to traffic on public roads must have valid third party insurance. In the event of any event – accident or collision – the injured party is entitled to compensation paid by the insurer of the vehicle of the accident perpetrator. The insurer is obliged to pay compensation for material and non-material damage associated with loss of health. The K&S Insurance claim law firm in Gdańsk, Elbląg is assisting in the claiming of compensation from third party liability.

Compensation for delayed flight (compensation for cancelled flights)

When a ticket is purchased, a contract between the passenger and the carrier is concluded. According to a European Parliament regulation, a flight cancellation or delay entitles each passenger to compensation of up to €600 within 30 days.

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