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Administrative law is a very broad area governed by dozens of laws. Administrative proceedings are also governed by their own rigours. Advice in the field of administrative law can be considered on several levels, among which we can point to construction law, real estate management and representation of clients before public administration bodies, provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, and finally – service of public administration bodies.

The lawyers at our firm deal with all these areas.

Proceedings before public administrations

Our offer in the area of administrative law includes legal advice, representation of clients in proceedings before public administrative authorities and in proceedings before administrative courts. We provide the following services in the field of administrative law:

  • drafting appeals against administrative decisions;
  • drafting applications for the annulment of administrative decisions;
  • drafting of applications for the resumption of administrative proceedings;
  • the drafting of requests or complaints addressed to public administrations;
  • drawing up complaints against administrative decisions;
  • drafting complaints to the administrative court against administrative decisions, decisions, resolutions of local government bodies;
  • drawing up appeals in cassation to the Supreme Administrative Court

Construction law

We offer a wide range of legal advice on construction law. We represent clients before courts and administrative authorities. We prepare legal opinions, draft agreements, applications, complaints, appeals, as well as pleadings in the course of court and administrative proceedings. We provide comprehensive care from the early stages of negotiating and concluding contractual terms, through contract execution to settlement. We prepare construction contracts for all stages of investment tasks. We help to complete construction documentation, consult on ambiguities and provide legal services on an administrative and civil level.

Our construction law services include:

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating construction contracts, general contracting agreements, subcontracts, architect’s agreements;
  • litigation on the grounds of non-performance or breach of contract (damages);
  • legal advice on the preparation and implementation of construction projects;
  • assistance in obtaining building permits and other necessary administrative decisions;
  • advising on client security in the execution of contracts;
  • representation before public administrative authorities;
  • comprehensive legal services for construction companies, developers, real estate agencies;
  • creation and analysis of contracts with subcontractors and consortium members

Property management

Tasks carried out in this area include analysis of the prana status of real estate, assistance in the division of real estate – abolition of co-ownership, separation of premises or determination of the manner of use. Our law firm also prepares drafts of contracts for lease, rental or lending of buildings, and provides legal assistance in the conclusion of contracts (e.g. contracts for the sale or donation of real estate). In addition, we assist in claiming compensation for non-contractual use of real estate, we conduct eviction cases and cases related to the investment process.

Other areas in which we offer advice and case management:

  • negotiations for the contractual acquisition of title to real estate;
  • administrative decisions on expropriation of real estate the return of expropriated real estate;
  • annul the acts on the basis of which the expropriation took place;
  • compensation for expropriated real estate claimed from the State Treasury, local government units and other public entities in connection with the taking, expropriation and use of real estate by them;
  • the betterment levy resulting from the subdivision of real estate;
  • a betterment levy on the increase in value of real estate;
  • division of the property;
  • division and amalgamation of real estate;
  • property valuation.

Services to public administrations

Local government units and municipal companies can use a salaried lawyer or outsource to an external law firm. The latter method is cheaper in practice, hence its growing popularity. The public administration body agrees with the selected law firm on the principles of service (remuneration, frequency) and the scope of cooperation.

For public entities, we offer ongoing legal services, the performance of specific tasks and the provision of legal representation.

Our team has extensive experience of working in offices and providing legal services to public administration bodies. We offer:

  • legal services to municipal entities (commercial companies and budgetary establishments) and local government units and other public institutions;
  • day-to-day legal services;
  • giving an opinion on and drafting legislation enacted by local government bodies;
  • giving opinions on and drawing up internal regulations, draft rules and orders;
  • drafting and giving an opinion on contracts and annexes to be concluded;
  • preparation of legal opinions representation before common and administrative courts;
  • participating in an advisory capacity in meetings of the constituent bodies of local authorities;
  • legal advice on public procurement;
  • Drafting of employment and civil law contracts, opinions and representation before common courts in the field of labour law.
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