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We advise on all legal aspects related to real estate: from the preparation of the construction process through the implementation of investments to real estate services. Our team handles complex investments and individual cases, assists in the purchase and sale of real estate and in resolving legal issues with other entities operating in the complex and dynamic real estate market. We provide services to professional real estate market players (companies commencing construction or redevelopment of a residential, commercial or industrial facility) and real estate buyers.

Real Estate Lawyer Elbląg – Construction Contracts

The law firm offers services in the field of activities leading to the commencement and conduct of construction investments. We aim to reduce the time to obtain decisions as much as possible, so that the investor can start work as soon as possible, but at the same time ensuring that consents and permits are issued in accordance with the law and will not be undermined at a later administrative stage.

In terms of investment services, we offer clients, among other things:

  • Representation in proceedings concerning the planning procedure, development conditions, building permits, environmental decisions, as well as in special proceedings. We take part in negotiations with non-governmental organisations regarding the environmental impact of investments;
  • we prepare and give opinions on construction work contracts, subcontracts, design work contracts, author’s supervision contracts, investor’s supervision contracts;
  • advise on the preparation and coordination of investments;
  • we prepare legal opinions on disputes arising during the implementation of the project;
  • We draft and negotiate construction contracts, author/investor supervision contracts, design documentation contracts, investment substitution contracts and other contracts related to the construction process;
  • advising on the selection of contractors for a construction contract or the preparation of procedures for the award of a construction contract in the public procurement process, we verify the contractors’ bids;
  • we advise contractors and investors on the filing of claims and the verification of claims during the execution of contracts.

Legal services for property developers – Real Estate Lawyer Elbląg

The legal service of the development process begins with identifying the best form of development activity that will reduce the risks incumbent on the developer.

We help developers to realise the entire process of a development investment – from checking the land for the investment, through preparing contracts with contractors to drawing up contracts for buyers. We also advise on the favourable conclusion, execution and settlement of contracts with contractors and, in the event of non-payment on their part, we indicate the methods of debt recovery.

We handle cases related to, among other things:

  • obtaining environmental permits and decisions for the commencement of the project;
  • appeal against the administrative refusals received;
  • acquisition, disposal, subdivision, amalgamation and abolition of co-ownership of real estate;
  • the regularisation of the legal status of the property, including the legalisation of arbitrariness;
  • representation in criminal cases, land registry or reprivatisation proceedings and disputes between the investor and contractors or other persons in court proceedings and before other state authorities;
  • guarantee and warranty of the investment.

Advice to buyers

Buying a house, a flat or a piece of land (plot of land) involves many uncertainties. People who are not familiar with the specifics of civil law may feel lost when reading a contract transferring ownership of real estate, and for many it will be the most important purchase in their lives, so it must be made in full knowledge of the obligations undertaken. This applies equally to flats bought directly from the developer as well as second-hand.

Verification of the development agreement

Even if the preliminary agreement and the agreement transferring ownership of the property seem clear, it is worth consulting a lawyer. He or she will also become familiar with the legal status of the property and, if you are buying a flat from a developer, will also check the developer’s financial situation and investment history.

After reviewing all the documentation, including the land registry, the lawyers will propose changes that better protect the client’s interest.


Buyers of a flat for their own use are often in a hurry. Employees of development companies foster the feeling that the decision to buy must be taken immediately, because several other people are also interested in the property. However, haste and nerves are bad advisers. It is not worth agreeing to all the conditions imposed by the seller before a lawyer has read the contract. Nor should you be afraid of negotiations that involve setting the terms of the contract (lowering the price or adding some services free of charge). We participate in our clients’ negotiations. We can also accompany them to sign the contract at the notary’s office.

In addition to their knowledge of the regulations, our lawyers also have a good understanding of the property market and are familiar with the practices of property developers, which enables them to foresee the practical consequences of even seemingly inconspicuous contractual provisions.

We accompany clients throughout the entire property acquisition process or provide legal advice covering selected aspects.

Real Estate

Services for landlords and tenants

We provide legal assistance to both parties to a tenancy agreement, i.e. landlords of flats and rental units and tenants.

Our services in this area include:

  • explaining what a tenancy, a sub-lease and an occasional tenancy are, identifying the benefits of each of these forms, the risks, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties;
  • advising on lease agreements concluded with foreigners;
  • drafting tenancy agreements or consulting templates brought in by clients;
  • advising on commercial leases;
  • ongoing legal advice for landlords and tenants;
  • advice in the event of a dispute with the landlord/tenant – including issues relating to the termination of the contract or refusal to pay for the use of the flat;
  • assessing the lawfulness of lease terminations, return of security deposits, refusal to vacate the premises, etc;
  • assisting landlords/tenants with tenant vacations;
  • Legal advice on the lease of commercial premises in shopping malls and the lease of warehouse space;
  • mediating/negotiating between the parties to a tenancy agreement representing the client in court: we prepare lawsuits and conduct cases for payment of rent, return of security deposits, eviction of the tenant, etc.

Trade in agricultural real estate

Trading in agricultural real estate is subject to different regulations than trading in land for construction purposes. Our lawyers provide the following services for clients:

  • drawing up legal opinions on agricultural property;
  • contract analysis;
  • handling the process of buying or selling an agricultural property;
  • legal assistance on the lease of agricultural property.
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