Handling foreign entities and investments

Entrepreneurs from the European Union can easily establish themselves in our country. The possibility of starting up business in our market is also not excluded for entities from third countries, although in their case it is necessary to meet additional conditions. Regardless of which country an entrepreneur comes from, he or she should seek the support of a local lawyer who will guide them through the meanders of Polish law, help them obtain the necessary approvals and entries in registers and ensure that contracts, regulations and forms drawn up by the entrepreneur comply with Polish law.

As part of its service to foreign entities, the Firm offers:

  • comprehensive legal services also provided in English, including advice on labour and social security law and taxation;
  • we provide services related to the entry of foreign investors into the Polish market;
  • carrying out audits of foreign entrepreneurs with regard to the possibility of conducting business in the territory of the Republic of Poland;
  • establishment of branches of entrepreneurs with foreign capital in Poland;
  • support in the process of obtaining concessions, permits, licences and approvals for specific projects;
  • drawing up the necessary documentation, contracts, regulations (aimed at counterparties and consumers) and forms to be marketed;
  • analysis of the compliance of the client’s practices and procedures with Polish regulations;
  • drawing up applications for public aid, grants, development allowances, professional advice on the implementation of R&D allowances;
  • representation in proceedings before administrative authorities, including tax authorities and courts throughout Poland.

We support the investment process at all its stages: from the choice of the appropriate legal form, through the preparation of a set of internal acts (contracts, regulations) and the adaptation of the entrepreneur’s practices to Polish law to obtaining statutory public financial support and ongoing activities in Poland.

At the client’s request, we can offer advice on choosing a location for the investment, represent the client in negotiations, provide training on various practical aspects of doing business in Poland and perform other services to ensure that the start-up and operation of the business in Poland and the further development of the company or foreign subsidiary goes smoothly.

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